Thursday, August 16, 2012

Borkha Party kidnaps two villagers in Manikchari
News No. 62/2012, Thursday, August 16, 2012

THE military-backed vigilante group Borkha Party on Thursday abducted two villagers in Manikchari under Khagrachari district, sources said.

According to sources, a group of six Borkha Party terrorists led by Maya Dhan Chakma raided the village of Dojori Thum at 2:30pm today and kidnapped them.

‘At first they asked Swadhin Kumar Chakma whether he had any contact number of Gopal Chakma, a UPDF activist. When he said he had, the terrorists began beating him.’ an eyewitness told

The Borkha men then went to Sumanta Chakma’s house to take him as well.

Before leaving, the terrorists asked their victims’ families to contact them tomorrow in Laxmichari presumably to negotiate a deal for their release.

Swahin Kumar Chakma, 30, son of late Potuali Chakma and Sumanta Chakma, 28, son of Bhalukya Chakma are now being held hostage by the terrorists.

The incident is the second in three weeks involving the Borkha Party, which suffered a major blow when its ringleader Anil Chakma was killed in a commando-style attack on 19 May.

The attack left the Borkha Party utterly disorganized and it took it over two and a half months to regroup and resume terrorist activities.

Although the Borkha was created by the army to counter the growing influence of the UPDF, the Santu group also found it politically expedient to patronize it.

And at one stage, Santu group took full charge of the Borkha party, and supplied it with arms and manpower.

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