Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Minor Jumma girl raped in Dighinala

News No. 64/2012, Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A JUMMA girl was raped by a police constable in Dighinala under Khagrachari district while she was grazing cows near a police camp.

According to sources, the incident occurred at 2:30pm today. The 11-year old, a resident of Tapan Karbari Para, was grazing cows on the east side of Atol Tila police camp at Noy Mile (nine mile) in Dighinala Upazila.

Finding her alone, policeman Russel went up to her and struck her on the right hand and right leg with a stick before raping her.

Later when the girl informed her mother Nityo Bala Tripura about the incident, she went to the police camp taking the victim with her and demanded justice from Md. Shaha Alam, the on-duty police officer.

Instead of arresting the offender, Shaha Alam tried to cover up the incident by giving her Taka 1000 (one thousand).

However, she informed Tapan Tripura, the Karbari (head) of Noy Mile village, and Tripura Students’ Forum leaders about what happened to her daughter and sought their advice on the matter.

As the news went round in the whole area, people gathered at the police camp to demand the arrest of the offending policeman.

As the pressure continued to mount, Shaha Alam was forced to arrest him.

When informed, the Offier-in charge of Dighinala police station, Shahadat Hossain Tito, visited the place of occurrence in the afternoon.

The Hill Women’s Federation, Hill Students’ Council, Democratic Youth Forum and United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF) condemned the incident and demanded that the offending policeman be punished and the victim be compensated.

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