Saturday, September 08, 2012

One missing after attack in Naniachar

News No. 79/2012, Saturday, September 08, 2012

ONE person is missing after Naniachar Bazaar Fund toll collectors attacked a group of Jumma traders bound for Rangamati in a motorized country boat early in the morning today.

The Jumma traders – Gyanendu Chakma, 36, son of Kali Kumar Chakma, Prosonno Kumar Chakma, 65 and Ritu Chakma, 35 – were on their way to Rangamati market to sell fruits.

They were traveling from their village Karallyachari in Sabekhyong Union in a motrorized country boat.

When they reached a place near Old Bazaar in Naniachar at 4am, a group of youths identifying themselves as employees of Naniachar Bazaar Fund halted them and demanded toll from them.

As the Jumma traders refused to pay the money, the toll collectors attacked Gyanendu Chakma and Ritu Chakma with sticks, beating them severely.

However, they spared Prosonno Chakma apparently for his old age.

They hit Gyanendu Chakma in the head, making him fall in the Kaptai Lake unconscious.

He remains missing till the filing of this report at 8pm.

“We already crossed Naniachar bazaar, but some Bengalis in a boat overtook us from behind, halted us and demanded that we pay them money,” Ritu Chakma, who is now undergoing medical treatment in Naniachar hospital, told

‘But it is illegal since we were not selling anything at Naniachar bazaar,’ he added.

He has also complained of hearing difficulties after the beating.

The police arrested Al Amin Hawlader son of Latif Hawlader in connection with the incident, but other accused managed to give the police the slip.

They are Helal, Mofiz son of Aziz, Laxman Das, Nantu Dey son of Swapan Dey, Kabir son of Hassan, Sujon Das and Rigen Chakma son of Sudhen Chakma.

A settler woman, who witnessed the incident, has reportedly testified to the police in the evening.

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