Monday, October 29, 2012

Jumma girl gang-raped in Chittagong

News No. 117/2012, Monday, October 29, 2012

A FIFTEEN-YEAR old Jumma girl has been admitted to hospital after allegedly being gang-raped by Bengali youths in Chittagong.

According to sources, the incident happened at about 7pm yesterday, Sunday, when the girl, a 10th grade student of a high school in Chittagong, went out for a walk to an open space at Technical Abassik area along with her friend.

While strolling, six Bengali youths suddenly appeared, beat her friend up, whose name could not be known, and then took her away.

She was taken to an unidentified location and was raped by the youths in turn.

Her Jumma friend has been detained for questioning by police.

She bled profusely and was admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital.

Her original home is said to be in Dighinala and she lives with her parents in Chittagong.

However her parents were not at home when the incident occurred.

Hill Women’s Federation, Hill Students’ Council and Democratic Youth Forum staged demonstration in Chittagong today to protest the incident


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Syed Anik said...

According to the, six Bengali youths raped an indigenous girl which is not true. A chakma boy was also involved with this incident, and chtnews should not play partial role in this regard. You should publish the correct news rather than avoiding a few facts.