Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Army conducts house searches in Banduk-bhanga

News No. 04/2013, Wednesday, January 16, 2013

THE army on 14 January conducted a house-to-house search in Banduk-bhanga of Rangamati district, in an operation involving 60 soldiers, reports said.

The soldiers that participated in the operation were from Naniachar zone and Kharikkyong army camp and commanded by Major Md. Tamim Hossain and Sergeant Md. Shahadat, second-in-command and NCO respectively of Naniachar zone.

The soldiers surrounded the villages of Machya Para and Oghoi Chara the whole night of 14 January and began searching houses for ‘terrorists’ next morning.

Four houses were searched in Oghoichara village. These belong to Sunil Chakma son of Oghoi Moni Chakma, Manek Dhan Chakma son of Tilok Chakma, Chandra Hangshaw Chakma son of late Sara Dhan Chakma and Nayan Chakma son of Sara Dhan Chakma.

In Machya Para, the soldiers searched a shop belonging to Gyanendu Chakma son of Nagorchan Chakma, turning it upside down.

‘And whomever they came across on the roads were frisked’, a villager alleged.

According to the villagers, the soldiers were accompanied by four masked men, three of whom were recognized by them.

They are Sukho Moy Chakma aka Sujan son of Allya Moni Chakma of village Rupban, Barkal; Bhalukkya Chakma son of Dhanuddhar Chakma of village Sakkarachari, Rangmati Sadar and Siddharth Chakma, a notorious army spy from Sabekkyang Union.

All of them belong to the Santu Larma faction of the Jana Samhati Samiti, which struck a deal with the government and became its partner in 1997.

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