Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Army tries to make terrorist out of a Karbari

News No. 09/2013, Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THE army has plotted to make a terrorist out of a village chief or Karbari by secretly placing a gun in his house in Matiranga of Khagrachari district.

This happened on the night of 28 January. On that day, around 11pm, a group of 20 army soldiers from Matiranga zone raided Kanta Mani Para village in Matiranga Upazila headquarters and tossed a gun into the house of Judda Moni Chama,40, the chief of the village, through the window.

The gun was wrapped in a cloth.

The soldiers then called everyone out of the house, entered it themselves and shouted: ‘we got it, we got it’.

When they came out with the gun and charged Judda Moni of illegally possessing it, his eyes were almost popping out of his head.

However, he vehemently denied the accusation and challenged the army to prove it.

When the conspiracy to portray him as a terrorist fell flat, the army changed its tone a bit and accused him of ‘harbouring and helping terrorists’.

But Chakma remained undaunted and strongly refuted the allegation as baseless.

As the army men failed to defeat him in argument, they went back to the camp, taking the wrapped-up gun with them.

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