Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Girl assaulted in Khagrachari

News No. 18/2013, Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A SCHOOL girl was sexually assaulted in Imang Resort at Alutila of Khagrachari on Tuesday, newspapers reported.

She is a resident of Gorjontoli in Ramjarh Sadar Upazila and a student of class ten in Ramgarh Government Girls High School.

Police rescued her in critical condition after she had jumped down from the first floor of the hotel and admitted her to Khagrachari hospital.

A Jumma youth, Rahul Tripura, 30, was arrested in this connection, the Daily Purbokone said.

According to Amar Desh, an extreme rightist Bangla daily, she was gang raped by Jumma youths.

However, Suprobhat Bangladesh quoted Rahul, an eyewitness to the incident, as saying that a Bengali and a Jumma youth had stayed on the first floor of the hotel and that he was unaware of what happened at night between them.

He claimed himself innocent and said, ‘In the morning I heard shouts coming from the first floor. A little later I saw a young girl jump from the first floor and fall on the ground. When I went down to help her, I came to know that she jumped down because two youths tried to rape her.’

The girl’s parents said that she had left home on Monday morning after being rebuked over her studies.

She was lured to the hotel by some youths and was reported to have been raped.

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