Saturday, February 23, 2013

One injured in armed attack by Santu group
 News No. 25/2013, Saturday, February 23, 2013

A BENGALI settler has been wounded when armed men loyal to Santu Larma opened fire on a member of his rival faction, the Jana Samhati Samiti (M.N. Larma), in Dighinala, Khagrachari district.

The attack comes just several hours after Ushaton Talukar, a vice president of the JSS’ Santu faction, promised to a group of elders from Baghaichari and Longudu that his party would hold their fire for the next one month to give negotiations a chance.

According to sources, the shooting took place in front of Mainie Resort at 7:30pm today, 23 February.

The Santu men, who lay in wait, shot at Niru Chakma, an activist of the JSS (MN Larma), while he was traveling on a hired motorbike.

However, they missed the target and hit the driver of the bike, Md. Shahajahan, who has been admitted to Khagrachari Sadar hospital with critical injuries.

The JSS MN Larma and UPDF have condemned the attack and said, “It shows that Santu group is a purely terrorist organization which can never be trusted.”


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