Thursday, June 13, 2013

Govt bans rallies in Gomati
 News No. 64/2013, Thursday, June 13, 2013

THE local administration in Matiranga yesterday clamped section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, forestalling a previously announced rally of the Democratic Youth Forum in Gomati under Khagrachari district.

The DYF was scheduled to hold the rally on Wednesday to protest the killing of one of its leaders, Pancha Sen Tripura, on 18 May.

“We announced the programme much earlier and kept the local administration informed about it,” said Mikel Chakma, general secretary of the DYF.

He said they had been making all out preparations make the rally a success.

But he accused the local authorities of plotting to frustrate their programme. “On 8 June, members of the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) arrested Shushanta Tripura, a DYF leader, and Amal Tripura, PCP member, while they were on their way back home after holding a public meeting in Gomati.” Mikel said adding the arrest was a part of the conspiracy.

The government said it had to impose a ban on rallies after a Bengali organization announced a rally at the same time and venue.

“The army is playing the same old game by pitting the ultra communal Bengali settlers against us.” the DYF leader said.

In protest against the ban, the DYF will enforce a dawn-to-dusk road blockade in three Upazilas of Matiranga, Mainkchari and Ramgarh today.


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