Sunday, June 23, 2013

Robbery in Savar Bana Vihar
News No. 71/2013, Sunday, June 23, 2013

AN armed robbery was committed in a Buddhist Temple in Savar, a suburb of capital Dhaka, according to temple sources.

The incident took place on Saturday night, at 2:30pm to be precise.

About 7 armed men, with their faces covered with black bandana, broke into Savar Bana Vihar in Gajirchot area of Ashulia and blindfolded and tied up Ven. Dharmananda Stabir, the chief abbot of the temple.

Then the robbers took away Taka 100,000 ($1250), one laptop, one desktop computer, bags and luggage and other valuables.

When Anil Chakma, an attendant of the monks, tried to resist, they chased him with a machete.

The robbers finished their job in about half an hour.

The temple authorities are now preparing to lodge a complaint with Ashulia police station, it is learnt.

The UPDF in a statement has condemned the incident and urged the government to arrest those involved.

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