Saturday, June 08, 2013

Thousands face food shortage in Jurachari
News No. 57/2013, Saturday, June 08, 2013

PEOPLES in four Wards under remote Dumdumya Union in Jurachari Upazila of  Rangamati district are facing food shortages as more than two thousand  families are living with little or no food, reports Prothom Alo, a Bengali  daily published from Dhaka.

The local Union Council chairman on Thursday sent a letter to the Deputy  Commissioner of the district through Upazila Nirbahi (Executive) Officer  about the matter.

Dumdumya Union Council chairman Tarun Moni Chakma said, “The crisis-hit  Wards of Dumdumya Union are located 150 kilometers from Rangamati and 100  kilometers from Jurachari Upazila headquarters. As food production from Jum  cultivation continues to decrease (each year) in these inaccessible areas,  people fail to harvest enough food to last a year.”

He added: “And food shortages become more acute in the Bengali month of  Sharabon (July-August) than in Boishakh (April-May) of the year because  transportation charges go up during this season as a result of a decrease  in the level of Kaptai Lake water.”

Ram Lal Tanchangya, a resident of Baluchara village, said the last few  years had seen a decrease in food production in Jum cultivation, resulting  in food shortages in the area.

Jurachari Upazila Council chairman Prabartak Chakma said, “Many have talked  to me about food shortages. I have reported the matter to the higher  authority.”

Mohammed Saiful Islam, Upazila Nirbahi Offier of Juarachari, acknowledged  that he had received a letter from Dumdumya Union Council chairman  regarding the food crisis in the area.

“The chairman in his letter has appealed for the introduction of a special  VGF (Vulnerable Group Feeding) programme in the area. The issue will be  reported to the Deputy Commissioner.” he said.

 The Deputy Commissioner, Mostafa Kamal, said he had not yet received the  letter.

He said there was enough food reserve in the district and added, “We have  made preparations to meet any food shortages. If there is any problem in  transportation, our administration will overcome it too.”


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