Tuesday, August 06, 2013

One shot and wounded by Santu group in Dighinala

News No. 98/2013, Tuesday, August 06, 2013

AN ARMED gang loyal to Santu Larma, president of his faction of the Jana Samhati Samiti, shot and wounded Samadananda Chakma alias Simon in Dighinala, Khagrachari.

Simon, 45, younger brother of JSS M. N. Larma faction general secretary Tatindra Lal Chakma, was shot at near his home at College Gate area in Dighinala Sadar at about 8pm Monday, yesterday.

He was returning home after work. The Santu group terrorists, who waylaid him, fled the scene after the incident.

He was admitted to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital in a critical condition.

The shooting incident comes two days after Bengali settlers attacked Jumma villages at Taindong, Matiranga, torching several hundred houses and forcing 3 thousand people to seek refuge in the Indian state of Tripura.

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