Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taindong settler attack: police refuse to register case
News No. 99/2013, Wednesday, August 14, 2013

THE police have refused to register the statements of two victims of the 3 August Taindong settler attack as First Information Reports or FIRs.

On Mondy, 12 August, Alo Rani Chakma went to Matiranga police station to file a case over the death of her 2-month old baby boy, who died on 10 August as a consequence of the attack, her husband Suku Moni Chakma said.

However, Assistant Sub Inspector Jamal refused to register his case as an FIR, but recorded it as a General Diary (GD No. 459/13).

Her child, Asha Moni Chakma, died of Pneumonia, which he had caught while in Indian state of Tripura seeking refuge.

The police also refused to register the statement of Chikon Chan Chakma, general secretary of Jana Shakti Buddhist Temple Management Committee, as an FIR and instead recorded it as a GD. (GD No. 458/13)

He wanted to file the case over the destruction and desecration of their Buddhist temple and causing damage to, and theft of, the statues of the Lord Buddha during the attack on 3 August.

According to reports, 12 of the 180 suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack after one Anil Chakma filed a case with Matiranga police station.

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