Sunday, September 22, 2013

Four villagers tortured by Santu Group in Panchari
News No. 111/2013, Sunday, September 22, 2013

FOUR innocent villagers have been tortured by Santu Larma loyalists in Panchari, Khagrachari district.

A group of 12 Santu Larma loyalists, armed with automatic weapons, raided the village of Jagapara at about 2pm today, Sunday, and severely beat up four villagers.

The victims have been identified as Pagana Chakma, 45, son of late Satyo Kumar Chakma, Gulpeda Chakma, 32, son of Sebabrata Chakma, Shyamol Chakma, 25, son of late Sonchoy Chakma and Daya Ranjan Chakma, 30, son of late Bhrighu Dhar Chakma.

Of them, Shyamol Chakma and Daya Ranjan Chakma have been admitted to Panchari Upazila Health Complex in a critical condition.

The miscreants led by Satish Chakma came from across the Indian border through Ugudochari point.

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