Sunday, May 25, 2014

Police fires blank shots to disperse Buddhist devotees in Baghaichari
News No. 16/2014, Sunday, May 25,­ 2014

THE police fired blank shots to disperse a crowd of Buddhist devotees who assembled in Todekmara Kizing (Dui Tila) of Baghaichari in Rangamati district to place a shed over a statue of the Lord Buddha built a few days ago.

On 28 April, the army had obstructed the Buddhist people from constructing a temple in Todekmara Kizing and the local civil administration had imposed section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, banning the gathering of more than 4 persons.

A strong contingent of police and army soldiers has been deployed to the area since then.

According to local sources, fresh troubles began at 7:30am today, Sunday, when the police prevented a group of devotees from placing a shed over a Buddha statue, built in an open space, to protect it from rain and sunshine.

At one point, the devotees locked in a brawl with the policemen, who fired three blank shots to disperse the crowd.

The army then removed and threw the tin shed on to the road, one of the devotees who were present at the scene told

Additional police and army troops have been deployed, and the army is alleged to be blocking vehicles from accessing Baghaichari.

Tensions are running high in the area.


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