Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Victims appeal to PM against land grabbing
News No. 17/2014, Wednesday, May 28,­ 2014

THE headmen, village chiefs and victims of land grabbing in Lama Upazila submitted a memorandum addressed to the Prime Minister seeking redress against land grabbing, forcible eviction and religious conversion.

In the memo, submitted on 21 May, they accused Md. Anisur Rahman aka Laden and Md. Mohsin Badal from Chokoria, Cox’s Bazar, and many other unidentified individuals from home and abroad of grabbing lands and forcible eviction of indigenous Murung, Tripura and Marma people in Sangu Mouza (No. 285) and Yangsha Mouza (No. 284) in Fasiakhali Union of Lama
Upazila, Bandarban district.

They said, ‘The so-called “Laden Group” has dislodged 74 families from their ancestral lands, including 27 families in Mongbichor Para, 17 in Amtoli Murung Para, 12 in Raipod Tripura Para and 18 in Chiniziri Para under Fasiakhali Union, and occupied their lands.’
“The group is also attempting to grab the lands of another 221 families including 12 families in Sapmara Ziri Para, 26 in Goyalmara Muktaram Para, 30 in Goyalmara Balantor Tripura Para, 20 in Goyalmara Muslim Para, 32 in Ramgoti Para, 12 in Bonpur Paichapru Para, 39 in Wakrau Para, 10 in Naya Para, 10 in Koitra Ziri Para and 30 in Headman Para.” the memo stated.
It further said that the land grabbers have already taken over 1,065 acres of homestead land and orchard in Sangu Mouza and 60 acres in Kathalchara Tripura Para under Yangcha Mouza for creating rubber plantations.

“As a result 93 Tripura families are facing eviction.” the memo added.

They said that because of land grabbing activities by Laden Group, they are not finding enough land for continuing normal production, and added, ‘Due to want of alternative arrangements, we are now facing starvation.’

The memo also accused Laden Group of proselytizing Tripura and Murung children to Islam by allurement.

Signed by 237 persons, the memo demanded that the government takes urgent and necessary measures against the land grabbers including Laden group.


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