Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Army conducts house searches in Guimara, tortures 3

News No. 58/2014, Tuesday, July 29,­ 2014

THE army on Sunday night carried out house searches and tortured three villagers including a 16-year-old school boy during a raid in Guimara in Khagrachari district.

According to local sources, at around 12 midnight on 27 July, a group of army personnel numbering about 70 in four military vehicles raided a Jumma village in Rubber Plantation No. 1 under Ballyachari and searched twelve houses for what they called ‘terrorists’.

Led by Captain Kawser from Matiranga Zone, the soldiers awoke the villagers and forced them out before carrying out the searches, which lasted for one hour.

The soldiers found nothing incriminating during the searches and went back to their camp at 1am.

The houses searched belong to Mongsha Marma [1], 40, son of late Mongpru Marma; Krishna Tripura, 50, son of late Kormachan Tripura; Manendra Tripura, 35, son of Dhana Kumar Tripura; Jagadish Tripura, 32, son of Dhana Kumar Tripura; Mongchaingyo Marma, 33, son of Kongjoiri Marma; Saindhya Rani Boishnob, 47, daughter of late Jibanonda Boishnob; Sulendra Boishnob, 40, son of late Jibanonda Boishnob; Chandra Ketu Tripura, 42, son of late Surendra Tripura; Kyosai Marma, 50, son of late Mong Chinghla Pru Marma; Sobha Nanda Boishnob, 42, son of Jibanonda Boishnob; Mongsha Maram[2], 40, son of Mongshi Marma and Dhananjoy Tripura, 38, son of late Kinshi Kumar Tripura.

The army also beat three villagers who have been identified as Mongsha Thoai Marma, 17, son of Kyosai Marma; Ushajai Marma, 19, son of Mongsha Marma  [1] and 16-year-old Thu-aungjaw Marma, son of Mongsha Marma [2] and a class ten student of Matiranga Pilot High School.

Earlier, on 17 July, the army searched five houses in the same village including the house of Bimol Kanti Dhamai, 52, Headman of Thoimathai Mouza No. 200.

The other four houses searched at that time belonged to a local shopkeeper Apruchi Marma, 32, son of Tani Aung Marma; Kapoli Tripura, 35, son of late Purno Joy Tripura; Hiron Joy Tripura, 25, son of late Jotin Chandra Tripura and Bhrigu Ram Tripura, 35, son of late Sharat Chandra Tripura.


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