Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Settlers ransack Jumma house in Ramgrah

News No. 49/2014, Tuesday, July 15,­ 2014

BENGALI settlers attacked a house belonging to a Jumma villager as part of a land grab attempt, as the army searched another one in Patachara Union of Ramgarh Upazila.

According to sources, the incident took place at noon today, Tuesday, when a group of settlers numbering between 10 and 15 and led by Sirajuddollah from Batnatoli in Manikchari went to attack the house of Rongila Chakma in Patachara.

But as the villagers assembled to defend themselves, the settlers held back.

However, a little later a group of army personnel from a nearby camp appeared at his house and carried out an extensive search inside it.

Finding nothing incriminating, the soldiers went back to their camp.

In tandem with the search, the settlers, on the other hand, attacked and ransacked the house of Swandeep Tripura, 20, son of Hasiram Tripura, whose land Siraj claims to be his own.

One villager told chtnews that Rangila Chakma, 45, had been cultivating one and a half acres of paddy and bumpy (hilly) land for the last twelve years in Belchari.

“Like in the previous years, he has prepared the land for planting paddy for this year as well”, he added.

But a Bengali settler going by the name of Sirajuddollah suddenly laid claim to the land and made futile attempts to occupy it.

After failing to grab the land, Sirajuddollah and his fellows went to attack him in his house today.

Siraj is also said to claim Swandeep Tripura’s land to be his own.

Villagers told chtnews that they thought the appearance of the army at the scene was in support of the Bengali settlers.

Rangila Chakma and Swandeep Tripra went into hiding in fear of arrest.


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