Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dead body of a Jumma woman recovered in Rangamati

News No. 67/2014, Thursday, August 21,­ 2014

THE police recovered the dead body of Bideshi Chakma Bishakha, 30, who was disappeared a week ago, from Dewan Para area near the edge of Parjaton Corporation Complex in Rangamati town.

She worked as a sales agent for Boyon Textile in Tabalchari of the town.

Her uncle, Dhona Chakma, and the local people said that she was disappeared from her own house in Dewan Para a week ago.

“We searched for her but failed to find her. The local people saw her dead body on the Kaptai lake this morning (20 August) and informed the police about it.” he added.

Later, a police team led by Officer-in-charge of Kotwali Thana, Monu Shohel, recovered her mutilated body.

The police said she might have been killed after rape.


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