Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BGB grabs land in Bandarban

News No. 80/2014, Wednesday, September 17,­ 2014

THE Border Guard Bangladesh grabbed 50 acres of land belonging to Jumma people in Old Krykyong Para and its adjacent areas under Hlapaikyong Mouza (No. 348) in Bandarban Sadar Union using forged documents.

The BGB personnel have taken physical control of the land since 10 September and set up tents there.

The land was grabbed in the name of constructing a sector/battalion headquarters for the BGB.

Meanwhile, a Jumma army officer now deployed to Mymensingh district, Ukaising Marma alias Oangthing, has claimed the land in question to be his own.

The BGB purportedly purchased the land from him.

However, local inhabitants vigorously disputed his claim and said Major Oangthing does not own any land in the area.

The headman of Hlapaikyong Mouza, Numong Pru Chowdhury, said that the land grabbed by BGB in Old Krykong Para does not belong to Major Oaithing.

“The true owners of this land are the villagers, the local people.” he said and added that the construction of a headquarters for BGB ignoring the opinion of the local people and the headman would never be accepted.


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