Monday, October 06, 2014

One reportedly killed by Santu group in Subolong
News No. 88/2014, Monday, October 06,­ 2014

BHUBON MOHAN CHAKMA, a resident of Morongchari village under Subolong Union of Barkal Upazila in Rangamati district, is reportedly killed by members of an armed gang loyal to Santu Larma’s faction of the Jana Samhati Samiti.

The 35-year-old man, son of late Romesh Kumar Chakma, is believed to have been killed on 5 October when he went to Balukhali under Rangamati Sadar Upazila to catch fish.

The Santu group men had been threatening to kill him for some times by mobile phones.

His family sources said a member of the Santu group had called them to inform that Bhubon Mohan Chakma was drowned in the Kaptai lake and asked them to take back his dead body.

“When we went there, they (Santu group men) said the body had not surfaced yet.” one of the family members told

“However, they refused to show where Bhubon was drowned and asked us not to search for his body.” he continued.

He said they would go to Balukhali again on Tuesday to search for the body of Bhubon Mohan Chakma.

“We believe his body was dumped into the water after killing.” he added.


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