Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jumma youth wounded by settler in Manikchari
News No. 107/2014, Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nithoai Aung Marma, 18, was seriously wounded in the village of Tobola Para under Manikchari Upazila when Md. Nurul Haq, a Bengali settler, struck him with a machete on Sunday, 30 November.

According to sources, Gonja Marma from Tobola Para village under Chempru Para Mouza of Batnatoli Union owns a piece of land measuring 5 acres which Nurul Haq from Jaliapara had occupied in 2005.

Haq built a house on that land and has been claiming the land to be his own since then.

Mr. Marma complained about it and in 2012 local elected representatives and village elders met in arbitration and adjudged the case in favour of him.

They ordered Haq to vacate the land, but he refused to comply with it.

Two days before the incident, Haq had cut firewood from the said land and then sold some of them.

On Sunday (today), while he was trying to remove the remaining firewood, Ganja Marma and other local Jumma villagers prevented him.

At that time, Nurul Haq found Nithoai Aung Marma alone on the road and chopped him with a dao (machete) and then left the scene.

Nithoai was admitted to Manikchari Upazila Health Complex with grievous wounds.

The army and police rushed to the spot after the incident but Haq is yet to be arrested.


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