Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Police arrest one in Manikchari

News No. 118/2014, Tuesday, December 23,­ 2014

THE police on Monday arrested Mong Sanu Marma, 26, a resident of Tingorjya Para of Batnatoli Union, from Manikchari, Khagrachari district, over a pay-off.

According to sources, the day before his arrest, three police personnel called Mong Sanu to Manikchari and demanded Taka 3 thousand from him.

They threatened to arrest him if he failed to pay the money.

Mong, who earns a living from carrying passengers on motorbikes, told them that he would pay the money the next day since he did not have the amount right at that moment.

To keep his promise, he went to Manikchari the next morning, but instead of taking the money the police locked him up.

The police then implicated him with the murder of Chingsha Mong Chowdhury, a school teacher, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on 6 December, and sent him to Khagrachari jail.


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