Friday, January 23, 2015

Army conducts house-searches in Sindukchari
News No. 10/2015, Friday, January 23, 2015

The army reportedly searched three houses in two different raids in Sindukchari Union under Mahalchari Upazila and in Patachaara Union under Ramgarh Upazila. 
According to sources, a group of army personnel from Sindukchari Zone raided the village of Goainchari in Sindukchari Union on Thursday night (1 a.m.) and searched the house of Nipiron Chakma,30, son of Mongol Kumar Chakma.
The soldiers said they were looking for terrorists.
However, they found neither any terrorist, nor anything incriminating.
In another raid about the same time another group of army men searched two houses in Kalapani and Pilabhanga villages under Patachara Union in Ramgarh Upazila. 
The houses belonged to Pradeep Kumar Chakma, 55, son of Shishu Kumar Chakma in Kalapani village and Pratap Singh Chakma, 55 son of late Upendra Chakma in Pilabhanga. 
The soldiers rousted the inmates of the houses and entered them without permission.
However, they failed to find anything incriminating during the searches. 


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