Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UP member Manendra released

News No. 14/2015, Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Manendra Chakma, a UP member who was taken into military custody on 22 January, has been released from Sindukchari Zone in Guimara, Khagrachari.

He was released on Monday morning (26 January) along with Kalam, chairman of Manikchari Union Council.

Manendra Chakma told chtnews.com that the Sindukchari Zone commander had asked him about the kidnapping of a construction worker, Md. Nur Hossain.

"Kalam and I were confined to the Zone hospital and were not allowed to go beyond the zone's boundary. A soldier (R.P.) was employed to take care of us, but the army did not mistreat with us," he said.

Both of them were released in the presence of Ushey Prue Marma, chairman of Hapchari Union council, after making them sign a paper that read "I was engaged in a special and emergency government work."

Manendra and Kalam were taken into military custody on the night of 22 January after Sindukchari Zone commander Rabbie Ahsan called them to the camp.

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