Monday, March 16, 2015

Army conducts house searches in Sajek
News No. 35/2015, Monday, March 16, 2015

THE ARMY conducted overnight searches in several houses in Sajek, in an apparent attempt to arrest Jumma activists.

According to various sources, a group of army personnel from Baghaihat Zone on Sunday night raided the office of the Sajek Nari Samaj (Wonen`s Association) and Sajek Land Protection Committee at Ujo bazar and searched for its leaders and activists.
The soldiers tore down the windows of the office, they added.

The army men also searched the house of Milon Chakma (32), near the office and raided the houses of Gyanendu Chakma and Jyoti Lal Karbari, president and vice president of Sajek Land Protection Committee respectively, and of Supon Chakma, president of Sajek branch of the Democratic Youth Forum.

The army men tried to enter the house of Jyoti Lal Karbari, but his wife prevented them.

At 1:30 am, the soldiers searched the house of Supon Chakma, who was not at home at the time.

They bound his younger brother Dipon Chakma with a rope and took him out of the house, apparently to arrest him.

But his mother and other family members protested and the army left him behind. The searches lasted more than an hour.

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