Saturday, March 28, 2015

Military operation creates panic in Guimara
News No. 46/2015, Saturday, March 28, 2015

STUDENTS and their parents are gripped by panic as the army continues its operation following the alleged disappearance of a signboard it put up in Guimara, prohibiting public meetings and demonstrations within two hundred yards of the cantonment area.
The singboard, put up on 11 March, was allegedly stolen by some unknown individuals on the night of 22 March.
The army has since been conducting search operations in the name of finding it out.
On 23 March, an HSC exam candidate, Lincoln Barua, 18, was arrested from Roads and Highways Department area. 
The army released him several houses later on the condition that he would appear at Guimara Region of the army every day at 4 p.m. until the singboard is recovered.
Lincoln was reportedly subjected to psychological torture during his detention at the camp.
On 26 March, the soldiers attempted to break into a house rented by students at Darjeeling Tila.
On their way back to the camp they picked up a number of people including Sagar, president of Bangladesh Chattra League’s Upozila branch, and Samrat, Secretary of Guimara Union Council. 
However, they were released the next day.
On the night of 27 March, the army searched the house of Ulah Prue Marma (45) at Rameshu Bazar and of Mongbai Marma (50) at Natun para
The soldiers looked for their sons -- Babushey Marma, a student of class eight and Kyojai Marma, a student of class ten in Guimara High School. 
While the singboard is yet to be recovered, the continuing army operation is badly affecting the normal educational activities of the area, as the army suspect that they might be involved in the alleged disappearance or theft of the signboard.

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