Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Army officer attempts to rape a Jumma girl in Guimara

News No. 63/2015: Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A 16-year-old Jumma girl was subjectd to an attempted rape by an army officer in Guimara.

The incident took place on 3 May. The victim and her family had kept the matter to themselves due to fear of the army, sources said

According to a belated news, on the day of incident a group of army personnel led by a Captain from Nakyapara army camp went on a patrol to Holapara village.

On their way back the soldiers took rest at the courtyard of a Chakma man in Nakyapara vilage.

But the householder and her wife were away, working in a nearby field, leaving their teenage girl alone in the house.

Taking this advantage, Habilder Md. Sujon entered the house and wanted to take a picture of her on camera.

But when she refused, Sujon grabbed her and then tried to rape her.

As the girl screamed for help her mother rushed and rescued her, and the soldiers immediately took to their heels.

According to eyewitnesses' accounts, the captain who led the patrol had Sujon and other soldiers stripped of their uniforms as a way of punishment.

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