Sunday, May 17, 2015

Santu group men beat woman, threaten to evict UPDF families

News No. 73/2015: Sunday, 17 May 2015

ARMED MEN loyal to Santu Larma beat up Raj Laxmi Chakma (32) in Radamon Bazar in Langudu upazila and have continued to thraten families of the UPDF activists to leave Langudu.

A group of armed terrorists led by Purnanga Chakma raided Radhamon Bazar on Sunday morning (17 May) and beat up Mrs. Raj Laxmi Chakma, wife of a UPDF activist, sources said.

The Santu Loyalists also kept on threatening families of the families of the UPDF members to leave Langadu.

'If you do not leave Kattoli and Harikaba soon, we will kill you', a wife of UPDF activist quoted a Santu Loyalist as telling her.

Local people allege that the Santu Loyalists operate in the area with direct and indirect support of the army.

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