Thursday, May 14, 2015

Two Jumma arrested in Guimara

News No. 68/2015: Thursday, May 14, 2015

TWO JUMMA persons were alleged to have been arrested on Wednesday by army in Guimara, although it denied it made any arrest.

The arrested have been identified as Bikop Tripura alias Joy (28) son of Bahon Kumar Tripura from Master Para village in Ballyachari and Ritish Tripura (35) son of  Hirendra Tripura (village head) of village Kabutorchara, Ballyachari.

The former is an ex-member of the JSS (M. N. Larma faction).

According to sources, on Monday night a huge number of army personnel from Guimara Brigade went out on an operation in Ballyachari.

They split into four groups and searched at least seventeen houses in rubber plantation No. 1, Master Para and Kabutorchara.

The soldiers raided the house of Bahon Tripura in Master Para and arrested his son Bikop Tripura.

About the same time Ritish Tripura was taken away from his house in Kabutorchara village.

Following the arrests, the family members of the arrested persons contected the army officers who denied they arrested any one during the operation, causing anxiety for their safety.

They also enquired with Guimara police station if their arrested relatives had been handed over to the police and were told that no such handover was made.

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