Thursday, July 02, 2015

Settlers attempt to grab Jumma land

News No. 99/2015: Thursday, July 02, 2015

BENGALI Settlers are reportedly trying to grab 10 acres of land belonging to two Jumma villagers in Manikcahri of Khagrachari district.

Ratan Chakma, 60, son of late Surojoy Chakma and his brother Pattan Chakma, 54, have been in the possession of the said land for over 40 years.

Of the 10 acres, two are plough land, while the rest fall in the third class category.

On 29 June, Monday, Bengali settlers Md. Hasan, 32, and his brother Md. Kashem, 30, son of Md. Julu Sarkar from Gochchabil went to the land to clear jungle.

They cliam the land to be their own and planted mango sapling on it.

The Jummas protested but the settlers paid little heed to it.

When Satyoban Chakma, the sharecropper of the land in question, went to work there yesterday (Wednesday) morning the settlers chased him away.

The Jumma land owners fear that they might be evicted from their ancestral land.

Manikchari UP chairmen Abul Kalam assured the victims that he would take steps to settle the dispute, but nothing came out of it as he did nothing to keep his promise.


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