Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fifteen villagers arrested by army, released by police in Matiranga
News No. 130/ 2015: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

THE army on Tuesday arrested fifteen Jumma villagers from Kamini Member Para in Matiranga town as they were returning to Khagrachari after attending a commnity arbitration there.

However, they were released by police at 10:30pm as none of them was found guilty of any crime.

The arrested Jummas have been identified as Gyanendra Tripura, 42, son of late Pubadha Tripura of West Golabari, Khagrachari; Tapan Chakma, 42, son of Bikiron Chakma of Champaghat; Palash Tripura, 28, son of Dayal Krishna Tripura of Bola Haza Para, Matiranga; Joy Tripura, 29, son of Jal Kumar Tripura of Akbari, Khagrachari; Subhashish Khisha, 35, son of Kalyan Moy Khisha of Champaghat, Khagrachari; Sumesh Tripura, 25, son of Hiramoy Tripura of Mongaram Para, Khagrachari; Banor Tripura, 28, son of Niru Bikash Tripura of Bola Haza Para, Matiranga; Jeni Tripura, 29, son of Khan Kumar Tripura of Akbari, Khagrachari; Rupon Tripura, 35, son of Akhin Kumar Tripura and Milon Kanti Tripura, 25, son of Purba Chandra Tripura of Bola Hazapara, Matiranga; Jagot Kumar Tripura, 35, son of Lopen Kishor Tripura of Champa Ghat; Suniti Bikash Chakma, 38, son of Sudha Haran Chakma of Ashutosh Karbari Para, Matiranga; Dulal Moni Talukder, 21, son of Jyoti Talukder and Kanti Tripura, 24, son of Logendra Tripura of Bizitola, Khagrachari; and Mono Bikash Tripura, 32, son of Ram Dayal Karbari of Ram Dayal Karbari Para, Matiranga.

The army arrested them at 5:30pm and then handed them over to Matiranga police station.


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