Sunday, November 29, 2015

Attack on rally on International Day of Solidarity with Palestine People: 14 injured, 3 arrested

News No.175/2015: Sunday, November 29, 2015

AT LEAST 14 people were injured and three others, including Hill Women’s Federation president Nirupa Chakma, were arrested in Khagrachari today when members of the Bangladesh Army and police cracked down on the participants of a rally organised by an alliance of eight Jumma organizations in observance of the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine People declared by the United Nation.

The alliance of eight Jumma organizations [Hill Students Council, Hill Women’s Federation, Democratic Youth Forum, CHT Women’s Association, Sajek Nari Samaj (Women Association of Sajek), Ghilachari Nari Nirjaton Protiroth Committee (Committee for Resistance Against Repression on Women), Sajek Land Protection Committee and Protiroth Culturel Squad] was scheduled to hold their previously-announced rally at Chengi Square in the town.

According to eyewitnesses’ accounts, the army and police attacked the participants at Modhupur and Khezur Bagan with clubs and bayonets, leaving fourteen of them injured.

At Modhupur, the army soldiers attacked the participants without slightest provocation when they gathered there at 10 am to march to the venue of the rally at Chengi Square.

The soldiers clubbed them and hit with bayonets, an eyewitness told

At least eight participants including three women were injured in the attack, he added.

Of the injured, two sustained injuries to their heads.

The second attack took place at 10:30 am when a procession of the participants reached Khezur Bagan (near Upazila office) on its way to Chengi Square.

The army and police indiscriminately used batons to disperse the participants, who had been peaceful and non violent throughout the attack.

At least six people including 4 women were injured in the unprovoked attack, eyewitnesses and organizers said.

The army and police also arrested Hill Women’s Federation president Nirupa Chakma and its member Dwitia Chakma during the crackdown at Khezur Bagan.

Another person named Dwibigga Dewan, a candidate of the just concluded JSC examination, was also arrested from Swanirbhor bazaar in the northern part of the town, from where the procession took off before coming under attack.


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