Saturday, June 25, 2016

Seven houses searched in Guimara

News No.55/2016: Saturday, June 25, 2016

THE army searched seven houses belonging to Jumma people in Wakchari under Hafchari Union in Guimara Upazila, Khagrachari district on Thursday night, sources said.

Troops from Sindukchari zone carried out the search in the small hours of Friday.

According to local villagers, the soldiers first encircled the whole village before searching the houses one by one.

‘All the houses have been searched more than once, and every corner of the houses was searched thoroughly and again and again,’ a villager, who wished to remain unanimous for security concerns, told

The army men asked the villagers: ‘Where are the terrorists?’

They found neither any incriminating materials nor any terrorist during the long search.

The houses searched belong to Ruila Aung Marma (50) son of late Sadha Marma, Sathoai Aung Marma (50) son of late Aunghsa Pru Marma, Aungkya Thuiya Marma (25) son of Sathoai Aung Marma, Thui Aung Pru Marma (34) son of Chakyo Marma, Achi Marma son of unknown, Paikyo Marma (30) son of Labrey Chai Marma and Rang Hla Aung Marma (50) so of late Thui Hlajai Marma.

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