Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ex-UPDF member arrested in Kaokhali

News No. o5/2017: Saturday, October 21, 2017

AN ex-UPDF member has been arrested in Kaokhali in Rangamati district in connection with a case his family members say was fabricated.

Jagadish Dewan, 38, was on his way back home from Kaokhali bazar on Monday (16 October) when the police arrested him.

The police said he was arrested in connection with a case filed when he was an active member of the UPDF.

His wife Supriya Chakma told, ‘My husband and I were returning from Kaokhali bazar riding a motorbike when the police stopped us at Gunguttyatoli area near Kaokhali College.’

‘The police asked him his name and when he told his name they took us to the police station,’ she added.

Jagadish Dewan son of Bono Kumar Karbari lives in Talukderpara village in Kaokhali upazila.


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