Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rangamati attack update: Three Jummas attacked in Oxygen, Chittagong

News No. 95/2012, Saturday, September 22, 2012

THE violence in Rangamati has spread to Chittagong, with two Jummas beaten by some Bengalis.

The ill fated Jummas came under attack at Oxygen, Chittagong. They were coming to Chittagong from Khagrachari by a hired taxi cab.

When the driver halted at a gas station at Oxygen to buy gas, a group of Bengalis attacked the Jumma passengers.

One of the victims’ relatives told, ‘My uncle Chiro Shanti Chakma, aunt Nibedia Chakma, Nipun Chakma, an employee of Jhorjhori Printers at Mahajonpara, Khagrachari and Clinton Chakma, a resident of Mahajonpara were coming to Chittagong when they came under attack at Oxygen.

‘The Bengalis beat my uncle and Nipun Chakma. But luckily there were some good Bengalees around there who came forward to save them.’

Chiro Shanti Chakma, a retired government officer, and Nibedita Chakma are parents of former Hill Women’s Federation president Samari Chakma.

Latest reports from Rangamati add: Shushobon Chakma, who was injured in the Rangamati attack, has been transferred Chittagong Medical College hospital. His condition has been stated to be very critical.

Three more injured:

Asetu Chakma, chairman, Panchari Sadar Union, Subrata Chakma, chairman, Ugudochari Union and Swapan Chakma.

The attackers also burnt down the later’s motorbike at Kataltoli, Rangamati.

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