Thursday, July 14, 2016

UPDF activist arrested in fake encounter

News No.57/2016: Thursday, July 14, 2016

AN UPDF activist, Abinash Chakma alias Phodangtang, was arrested on 10 July ‘after an encounter with terrorists’, claimed the police in Dighinala.

However the UPDF has refuted the claim, saying, the so-called encounter was fake, and that Abinash was arrested by intelligence personnel in Chittagong on 6 July.

‘Abinash went to Chittagong on 6 July to take medical treatment and meet a friend,’ a UPDF statement said, adding he had taken Taka 20 thousand from his wife Deepa Chakma for the purpose before he set out.

According to the statement, Abinash had come in contact with a Bengali friend by chance through mobile phone.

‘He often talked to his friend into the phone, but judging from the subsequent events I think “the friend” was actually an intelligent personnel,’ Abinash’s colleague Sanjoy told

He said the encounter was a fake. ‘The army just went up to a hill near Sadhana Tila Bana Vihara (Buddhist temple) and then fired several rounds of gunshots into the air. Then they called the police there and handed Abinash over to them,’ he continued.

Abinash was taken to Dighianala police station, and a false case was lodged against him under Arms and Explosives Act.


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