Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ramgarh attacks: police bars relief team

*Ramgarh attacks: police bars relief team*
News No. 88/2011, April 20, 2011

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*The army and police today refused to allow a relief team from Khagrachari to visit the affected areas in Ramgarh and Manikchari.*

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The team comprising over one hundred leaders and activists from different organisations, led by Rabi Shankar Taluker, president of Khagrachari Jumma Contractors Welfare Association, was blocked at Matiranga at noon.

It was carrying relief supplies in five jeeps for the victims of the 17 April communal attacks.

Mr Rabi Shankar Talukder expressed outrage at the behaviour of the army and police and said, “They want the victims to die without food and shelter.”

Chief organiser of UPDF Khagrachari district unit, Pradipan Khisha, condemned the government for refusing to allow the team to distribute relief materials to the victims.

He termed the action of the government as inhuman and said, “It is tantamount to a second attack on the Jumma victims of Ramgarh and Manikchari.”

The relief team was also included Sorbottam Chakma, Upazila Chairman Panchari; Jolotkar Chakma, Chairman of Logang Union; Monang Dewan, Councilor, Khagrachari Municipality; Kiron Marma, ex-vice chairman of Khagrachari Pourashava; Ranik Tripura, president of Khagrachari District Karbari Association; Chonchu Moni Chakma, social activist; Natun Kumar
Chakma, president of Democratic Youth Forum; Rina Dewan, organising secretary, Hill Women’s Federation; Apruchi Marma, president of PCP Khagrachari district unit.

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