Friday, May 11, 2012

Two UPDF leaders arrested in Bandarban

News No. 32/2012, Friday, May 11, 2012

THE police have arrested two local leaders of the United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF) from Balaghata in Bandarban town, sources say.

The arrested UPDF leaders are Choton Kanti Tanchangya (40) son of Shashi Kanti Tanchangya and Jalomoni Tanchangya.

They are being questioned in Bandarban police station, it is learnt.

The former is the chief coordinator of UPDF Banadarban unit and contested in the last parliamentary election held in 2008.

They were arrested at around 7:30pm today from their respective homes in Balaghata, presumably in connection with an incident in which two or three JSS (Santu group) activists were slightly injured when they went to Balaghata to attack PCP and UPDF members yesterday.

The Santu group men went to Balaghata, where UPDF has an office, last night ostensibly to put up posters, but they tried to kidnap Shuddho Moni Tanchangya, a UPDF activist.

When he screamed for help, local people rushed there to resist. Then a fist fight ensued in which about twelve persons were injured including JSS activists.

But the Santu group distorted the facts of the incident and filed a false case against 16 UPDF leaders and activists.

Balaghata residents believe that Choton and Jolomoy might have been arrested in this case. However, the police produced no arrest warrant for the arrests, their family members said.

UPDF leader Sachib Chakma condemned the arrest and demanded that they be released immediately and unconditionally.

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