Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Santu group violates agreement, attacks on DYF in Chittagong
News No. 83/2012, Wednesday, September 12, 2012

THE Santu group beat up four Democratic Youth Forum members last night in Bandar area of Chittagong, in violation of the terms of an agreement reached between the two sides in July this year.

[For details on the agreement, please read News No. 52/2012, Sunday, July 15, 2012

DYF and JSS reach compromise in Chittagong

According to sources, the incident happened at about 8pm when the DYF activists – organizing secretary of DYF Bandar unit Subol Chakma and its members Jashim Chakma, Subhash Chakma and Rigen Chakma – went to Barrister College area to collect public donation for a 17 September Education Day rally to be held in Dhaka.

The programme is being organized by Hill Students’ Council in collaboration with the DYF.

About 15 members of the Santu group led by Sumon Chakma, Bakul Chakma and Siku Chakma held them and beat them up.

Four to five local Bengali thugs aided them in the attack.

Later the DYF members were handed over to the police on false charges of extortion.

When UPDF activist Bakul Chakma and DYF’s joint secretary Supreme Chakma went to Bandar police station to enquire about the matter, the Santu men also attacked them in the presence of the police.

Bakul Chakma however was able to escape with the help of one of his Bengali friends while Supreme Chakma was caught and handed over to the police.

Supreme was implicated in the Shukramoni Chakma alias Thudo Kaligor murder case filed with Potia police station by Santu group.

Of the DYF members being held on extortion charges, Jashim Chakma works with Smart Jacket, an apparel factory at Chittagong Export Processing Zone, while Rigen Chakma with HKB, a tent making factory at Karnaphuli EPZ.

Democratic Youth Forum president Natun Kumar Chakma has condemned the attack on its members and demanded their immediate and unconditional release.

He said the violation of the July agreement is nothing but a clear manifestation of the Santu group’s fascist character.

He has called upon all democratic and patriotic forces to resist fascism of Santu group so that the just struggle of the Jumma people can be brought back on track.


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