Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five wounded in Chattra League-Bengali settler attack in Mahalchari

News No. 102/2013, Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A JOINT attack by Chattra League, the student wing of the ruling Awami League, and illegal Bengali settlers on 7 September left five Jumma students wounded in Mahalchari College in Khagrachari.

The incident originated from an altercation between a Bengali student and a Jumma student over a trivial issue.

But when a teacher of Bengali department of the college, Tusher Das, entered the class room and sided with the Bengali student, the matter went out of control.

The Bengali student got emboldened by the support of Tusher Das and grabbed the Jumma student by the collar.

Seeing this, the other Jumma students in the class made a protest, which ultimately led to a brawl between the two sides.

Later, the Jumma students walked out of the class room to the college ground in protest against the manhandling of the Jumma students.

At this stage, the Chattra League added fuel to the fire when its activists led by Md. Zia went there and began threatening the Jumma students.

When Jumma students protested, the Chattra League activists attacked them with brickbats.

The Jumma students tried to resist but the clash spread beyond college area to Chowmuhoni where Bengalis from across the political divide joined with the Chattra League activists in the attack.

They came from Mahalchari bazar in motorbikes and CNG autorickshaws to take part in the attack. The illegal Bengali settlers from Joysen Para also rushed to the college ground by jeeps.

Later a joint contingent of police and army were deployed who brought the situation under control.

However, one hour after this incident, the Bengali settlers led by Zia, general secretary of Mahalchari college unit of the Chattra League, made an attempt to attack Jumma people in Babu Para and Sluice Gate area. The settlers were armed with dao, machete and sticks.

They also ransacked the office of the Jana Samhati Samiti (M N Larma) in Mahalchari bazar.

The attack left five Jumma students, including a female student, wounded. They have been identified as Binit Khisha, 20, son of Basant Khisha, Milton Chakma, 20, son of Joyonta Chakma, Ananyo Chakma, 20, son of Kalo Baran Chakma, Mraksha Chakma and Sumedh Khisha son of Amaresh Khisha.

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