Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bengali trader attempts to rape Jumma girl in Naniachar
News No. 18/2014, Wednesday, May 28,­ 2014

A 17-YEAR-OLD Jumma girl has been subjected to an attempted rape by a Bengali trader in Naniachar of Rangamati district, sources say.

According to belated news, the incident took place on 24 May, Saturday, when drunken Md. Jamal, 40, a businessman from Noakhali district, entered the house of the victim in the village of Nanaprum under Burighat Union.Jamal, a pineapple trader, came to Naniachar on business and stayed with Mongol Kumar Chakma in the village of Nanaprum, as he always did in the past.

On the night of the incident, about 8:30pm, Jamal drank wine after visiting a pineapple garden and on his way back entered the victim’s house.

The girl was alone while her parents were working away from home.

Taking the advantage of their absence, Jamal grabbed his victim and tried to rape her.

But the girl resisted with a wooden stick and Jamal slapped her on the face.

At one stage of the fight, the girl screamed for help and the people from nearby houses rushed there and caught Jamal red-handed.
They handed Jamal over to Santu group men in the area, who fined him with Taka one lakh ($1,250), to be paid within 15 days.
However, no compensation was paid to the victim, nor was the matter reported to the police.

The Santu group men are believed to have divided the money among themselves.


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