Friday, June 13, 2014

Babuchara BGB attack: Police arrest 5 including 3 wounded women
News No. 29/2014, Friday, June 13,­ 2014

THE police have arrested five Jummas including 3 wounded women who are undergoing medical treatment in Khagrachari Sadar Hospital.

Pradeep Chandra Chakma, 60, and Shneha Ranjan Chakma, 58, were arrested at 3pm today when they went to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital to see their wounded wives.

Both of them have been sent to Khagrachari jail, while their wives, Maya Rani Chakma and Phulo Rani Chakma, remain under arrest at the hospital, with police standing guard at their bed sides.

This is the first arrest since the BGB Subeder Golam Rashul filed a criminal case against 250 Jummas following an attack on the protesting Jummas in Babuchara on 11 June.

The attack had left 18 Jummas, mostly women, injured, with many of them hurt badly enough to require hospitalization.

The police also arrested another woman – Gopa Chakma, (48) who is undergoing treatment in Khagrachari hospital.

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