Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Alleged attack on BGB is a lie
News No. 60/2014, Wednesday, August 06,­ 2014

THE alleged attack on Border Guard Bangladesh on 3 August in Babuchara, Dighinala Upazila has turned out to be a lie.
Members of the BGB 51 Battalion had alleged that the vehicle of its deputy commander came under attack at 8:30pm on 3 August at a place named Gorstan near Babuchara bazaar.
The driver of the vehicle, Lance Nayek Sabder, had filed a case with Dighinala police station against 15 Jummas, including one who lives in Chittagong, in connection with this alleged attack.
According to the First Information Report, filed with the police, the deputy commander of BGB 51 Battalion, Md. Kamal Uddin, was on his way back to the camp from Dighinala when his vehicle came under attack.
“A group of terrorists pelted his vehicle with stones when it reached Gorstan near Babuchara bazaar, resulting in the damage of the vehicle. However, Kamal Uddin remained unscathed.” it said.
When enquired with the local villagers, it has been found that no such incident had ever taken place.
A villager, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal, told that the claim of the BGB was a total lie. “We did not see any vehicle on the road since after 6.30pm on that day.”
The people of the area, who have been protesting the ouster of some 21 villagers by BGB, think that the alleged attack was stage-managed by BGB to implicate them with false charges.
A police officer told on condition that his name would not be mentioned in the report: “If I register false cases then I have to compromise ethics and deceive my own conscience, on the other hand, if I refuse, then I have to face threats from the army and BGB and even I may be suspended or transferred elsewhere as a punishment, which is considered a bad record for our profession.”
“This is why I have to record such cases under duress.” he added.

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