Friday, October 10, 2014

Four more arrested over blasphemy in Kaptai
News No. 91/2014, Thursday, October 10,­ 2014

FOUR more persons have been arrested over the posting of blasphemous pictures on Facebook in Kaptai, Rangamati, according to

The police have confirmed the arrest of Saimon Marma, Ujala Marma, Rojob Ali Raju from Boroichari and Rabin Barua from Barghona area on Thursday.

All the four are said to be Facebook friends of Aung Ching Mong Marma, who was arrested on Tuesday for ‘hurting Muslim religious sentiment’.

The Officer-in-charge of Kaptai police station, Harun-ur Rashid, said they were arrested for interrogation over the alleged posting of the blasphemous pictures.

Aung Ching Mong Marma, a second year student of Notre Dame College in Dhaka, denies the accusation that he had posted the pictures on facebook, and maintains that someone had hacked his facebook ID and posted the pictures.


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