Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Settler attack leaves 50 houses and 7 shops burnt in Naniachar

News No. 111/2014,Tuesday, December 16,­ 2014

THE Bengali settlers have burnt down 50 houses and seven shops belonging to Jumma people in Bogachari under Naniachar Upazila in Rangamati district as the local administration celebrates Victory Day today.

The attack took place at about 8am today as crowds of Bengali settlers entered the Jumma villages under army protection.

Of the houses burnt down, 37 are in Suridas Para, 7 in Bogachari Para and 6 in Talukdar Para.

The attackers also entered Karuna Boudha Vihara, beat up Rev. Ogasha Bhikkhu and looted 4 Buddha statues from there.

The attack is believed to be directly linked to the illegal takeover of 2 acres of land belonging to Prafulla Chakma son of Padma Ranjan Chakma by Md. Afsar Ali, an illegal Bengali settler from Bogachari.

After the illegal takeover, Afsar planted pineapple saplings few months ago while Jummas registered a protest.

The settlers launched the attack after accusing the Jummas of destroying his pineapple garden.
One of the victims told chtnews.com that the army had not only helped the settlers in the attack, but also directly participated in it.

He said: “At 11am the army personnel doused a house, which was left half-burnt from the fire set earlier by the settlers, with petrol and set it alight. When the Jummas made a protest, the soldiers entered into an altercation with them. Later, the Naniachar zone commander went there and beat up Anand Chakma, member of Burighat Union Council No. 3, Mishon Chakma, Karbari of Mulukkyachara village and Subintu Chakma,a villager for protesting against the army’s action.”


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