Monday, June 29, 2015

Marriage funding controversy exposes division in the Santu Group

News No. 95/2015: Monday, June 29, 2015

Rangamati: On Friday, the 26th June 2015, a controversial marriage took place at Montri Club near Ranidoyamoyi High School at Rangamati. It was marriage of JSS arms procurer, Udayan Chakma, son of Biparshi Chakma of  Ananta Master Para, Naranghia, Khagrachari town, who identifies himself as Jit Chakma, with Reshmi Chakma of Golabari.

Jit Chakma has become the main procurer of arms from anti-Indian insurgents in Nagaland as well as the insurgent groups in Myanmar. He operates directly under Shajaan Babu aka Sadesh Babu and both are based in Aizawl, Mizoram. Sadesh Babu is the finance in-charge but cannot speak Mizo or English or Hindi.
Santu Larma sanctioned Taka 70,000 for Jit Chakma’s marriage, which was kept a “hush hush” affair and the guests were invited only on 25th June evening.

Jit Chakma also demanded similar amount of money from Field Commander Lakshmi Prasad Chakma who is also based in Mizoram. Lakshmi Prasad Chakma initially sanctioned Taka 70,000. However, after intervention from Karunalankar Bhikkhu, it was reduced to Taka 30,000 only. Though Jit Chakma is very important, Lakshmi Prasad listened to his friend, Karunalankar Bhikkhu.

Karunlankar  Bhikkhu has been carrying grudge against Jit Chakma who has developed more connections than Karunlankar for arms smuggling to the CHT. JSS-Santu sources stated that Daroga level and Superintendent level police officers of Mizoram Government are in the pockets of Jit Chakma. He procured the help of Pankho men from CHT who have now settled in Mizoram. The bullets are carried in the dickey of the scooter by the Pankho men whose names are being withheld. JSS also gifted bikes to Mizoram officials and pays bribes on monthly basis.

The success of Jit Chakma has reduced the influence of Karunalankar Bhikkhu who once used to look after the entire arms procurement section in India. With Jit Chakma based in Aizawl and looking for arms from Nagaland and Burma, Karunalankar Bhikkhu has been left with Assam only and have been facing serious challenges of procuring the arms from the Bodo insurgents in Assam. Karunalankar Bhiukkhu has deployed another Buddhist monk, Revata Bhikkhu from Bangladesh but settled in Guwahati. They have been facing serious logistical problems to carry the arms from Assam to Tripura via Choraibari border post. For the last installment of 41 grenades, Karunalankar bribed local officials to escort upto Gandhachara.

As Sadesh Babu does not have language skills but only controls the money and hands over the same as demanded by Jit Chakma, Karunalankar Bhikkhu raised questions about the amount quoted by Jit Chakma. Karunalankar Bhikkhu told his inner circle people, “Jit Chakma was a drug addict. Mizoram is world famous for drugs and Jit Chakma is abusing people’s money to buy drugs. What can one do when Santu Larma only prefers the drug addicts?”

As Bangladeshi Taka cannot be exchanged in huge quantities in Mizoram, Santu Larma bought US$ dollars worth Taka 2.5 crores as told by JSS sources and reported by CHTNEWS.COM (Bangla section) earlier. Jit Chakma, after his marriage, will be carrying back the dollars to buy more arms to kill innocent Jummas.

Some security analysts stated that Jit Chakma is the biggest arms smuggler of Bangladesh and will be one of the top 10 arms smugglers in South Asia.


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