Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Sindukchari zone commander threatens UP member

News No. 04/2016: Tuesday, January 05, 2016

SINDUKCHAR zone commander, Lt. Col. Fazle Rabbi, is alleged to have threatened an elected member of Patachara Union Council in Ramgarh, Khagrachari district over robbery incidents in the area.

According to sources, Rabbi called Manendra Chakma, a representative of Ward No. 4 to Patachara Union Council, to the zone headquarters at 3pm on Saturday, 2 January.

When Manendra appeared at the camp, the commander kept him waiting for two hours, and when he came, he threatened him over the recent robbery incidents on Ramgarh – Khagrachari road, saying ‘Correct yourself when there is enough time, or else I will do my own duty.’

When Manendra tried to clarify his position, the commander retorted: ‘I called you to tell you something, not to hear anything from you.’

Rabbi misbehaved with him and further threatened him, saying, ‘if robbery incidents are not stopped, you will face the music.’

Manendra, after returning from the zone headquarters in the evening, told chtnews.com that he did not know who were behind the robbery incidents.

‘I don’t understand why the commander is threatening me instead of taking actions against those committing the crimes’ he said, adding that following the commander’s threat he was fearing for his personal safety.

According to local people, there has been an increase in robbery incidents at Tholipara Dosh Mile area on Khagrachari – Ramgarh road. It is not known who are involved, but the police did little to arrest them.

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