Wednesday, April 18, 2018

PCP activist hacked by Reformists in Panchari

News No. 45/2018 : April 18, 2018, Wednesday

An activist of the Hill Students’ Council named Babu Chakma was seriously injured when JSS Reformists hacked him in Panchari College on Monday, 16 April.

Babu Chakma, an HSC examinee, has been admitted to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital after the incident.

According to sources, about 20-25 JSS Reformist men led by Dipon Alo Chakma, Ambedkor Chakma, Jolonto Chakma and Tito Chakma, armed with knives and machetes, entered the examination hall of the college and attacked Babu Chakma, wounding him seriously.

The attack took place in the presence of the police, who stood by as silent spectators.

Later his friends came forward and rescued him.

Earlier on 12 April, the Reformist thugs had kidnapped PCP Panchari College unit general secretary Sukiron Chakma from the same college.

He was released after paying a hefty ransom.

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